Walk-In Test Rooms with low Temperature

Walk-In Test Rooms with low Temperature

For very large and heavy test specimens we offer walk-in and drivable chambers for automobile batteries (LV 124)
In addition to series production, these systems are designed specifically for the planned test concept.
These chambers are desigend to carry out tests with low temperatures as DIN 55635.
Customer-specific cells up to 100m3 are possible.

Among the features of the RSI corrosion test chambers are

– Standard-compliant construction according to DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN EN 60068-2-11, ASTM B117.
– Underride versions possible.
– Especially designed for automobile batteries.
– Test chamber material: Polypropylene or special stainless steel materials
– Ergonomic touch panel control
– Integrated measurement data acquisition
– Dosing of the salt spray solution via regulated diaphragm pumps
– Brine storage tank with free access for the operating personnel
– Wide range of options and customer-specific requirements

– Suitable for Corrosion tests according to ISO 6270-2, ISO 9227, ASTM B 177, VDA 621-415, PV 1208, PV 1209, PV 1210, ISO 11997, LV 124, Volvo 423-0014, Volvo STD 1027, SAE J 2334, DIN 55635, VDA 233-102, PPV 4017, Renault ECC 1, GMW 14872, GMW 3172 und more